Architectural Index for Ontario

Information on Architect: Kirkland Partnership, (firm)

Notes Michael Kirkland.

Address: 0 Bayview Avenue
Intersection: Eastern Avenue
Type of Building: Neighbourhoods
Name of Building: Aratiri Neighbourhood

Design conceived 1988
Building completed never.

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Canadian Architect 1992 April 6 37 4

End of record
Address: 1555 Jane Street
Type of Building: Housing

Design conceived c2001

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Toronto Star 2001 April B2 2nd

End of record
Address: 0 Richmond Street West
Intersection: John Street
Type of Building: Theatres
Name of Building: Festival Hall
Notes: Includes Famous Players' 4,500 seat, 14-screen cinema complex, a 3-D IMAX theatre, a Chapters bookstore, a Playdium video arcade as well as restaurants and bars.

Officially opened May 19 1999

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
AZURE 2000 Nov/Dec 44-48
Award Magazine 1999 June 37-38 13 3
Canadian Interiors 2000 Sep/Oct 40-44 37 5
Canadian Interiors 2000 Sep/Oct 36-39 37 5
Globe & Mail 1998 Dec. A2 Thur 31st
Globe & Mail 1998 April C16 Sat. 11th
Globe & Mail 1998 feb. A12 Sat. 21st
Globe & Mail 1999 May C16 Sat. 15th
Toronto Star 1999 May M1 Sat. 8th

End of record
Address: 5100 Yonge Street
Type of Building: Squares
Name of Building: Mel Lastman Square

Officially opened June 1989

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Landcape Architectural Review 1991 March 10-11
Toronto 1989 Feb. 26+