Architectural Index for Ontario

Information on Architect: Siddall, John

Not Available

Address: 115 Bond Street
Type of Building: Synagogues
Name of Building: Holy Blossom Temple (first)

Building completed 1895

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Journal of the Society for the Study 2001 n/a 15-24 26 3,4
Romanesque Head Office of Confederation Life Assn. 1997 n/a 57

End of record
Address: 103 Front Street East
Intersection: Jarvis Street
Type of Building: City Halls
Name of Building: City Hall - 2nd
Notes: Now known as the South St. Lawrence Market / Market Gallery and occupies no. 91 Front Street East. Built 1844-1845 by Henry Bower Lane. Rebuilt in 1851 by William Thomas (with John. G. Howard) to include shops in the wings. Stewart & Strickland rebuilt the shops in the east wing in 1876. The building was turned into a much larger market (by architect John Wilson Sidall) c1901, since the Third City Hall was completed at 60 Queen Street West in 1898.

Building completed 1844-1845
Altered 1851; 1904
Restored 1975-1977

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Globe & Mail 1986 July A8 11th
Globe & Mail 1972 Nov. ? 9th
Journal / Royal Architectural Institute of Canada 1956 July 271 33 7
Lost Toronto : images of the city's past 1993 n/a 66-68
Toronto Telegram 1965 Nov. ? 12th
William Thomas, Architect 1799-1860 1996 n/a 88