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Information on Architect: Du Toit, Roger

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Address: 65 Front Street West
Type of Building: Railway Stations
Name of Building: Union Station
Notes: the FIRST Uninion Station was built opened in May 1858 on the west side of York Street, south of what is now Station Street. It was demolished in October 1871. The SECOND Union Station was built in September 1871 and was situated between Station Street and the edge of Lake Ontario. The THIRD Union Station is the one standing. For information about the proposed arena for the Toronto Maple Leafs that would utilize Union Station, search under "Maple Leaf's Arena" in the Building Name field.

Building completed 1914

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End of record
Address: 65 Front Street West
Type of Building: Arenas
Name of Building: Maple Leaf's Arena
Notes: Proposed arena which utilizes Union Station as its main entrance.

Design conceived 1997

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Canadian Architect 1997 June 9 42 6
NOW 1997 June 20 5th
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End of record
Address: 230 King Street East
Type of Building: Condominiums
Name of Building: Kings Court
Notes: SEE ALSO: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce at no.226 King Street East. Project also incorporates the 1842 Paul Bishop Houses.

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Toronto Star 2001 Feb. R1+ Sat. 24th

End of record
Address: 2 Market Street
Type of Building: Housing
Name of Building: New Hibret Co-op

Foundation started 1997

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Canadian Architect 1999 August 19-21 44 8
Globe & Mail 1998 Aug. C15 Sat. 15th
Toronto Star 1998 Feb. N3 14th

End of record
Address: 0 Mill Street
Intersection: Trinity Street
Type of Building: Distilleries
Name of Building: Gooderham & Worts Distillery
Notes: Begun in 1832, a complex of some 45 buildings, occupying 5.5 hectares on Mill Street, Just north of the Gardiner Expressway, and between Parliament and Cherry Streets. SEE ALSO (for Condominium redevelopment project): 39 Parliament St, and nos. 70 & 80 Mill St.

Building completed 1832

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End of record
Address: 0 Sherbourne Street
Intersection: King Street East
Type of Building: Condominiums
Notes: Condominium project to involve two pre-confederation townhouses built in 1848 as well as a neo-classical Imperial Bank building.

Design conceived c1998

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Canadian Architect 1998 Sept. 17 43 9