Architectural Index for Ontario

Information on Architect: Home Smith, Robert

Date of Birth July 1887
Place of Birth Toronto?
Date of Death Feb 1935
Education University of Toronto - Law
Notes Established the Home Smith & Co. (which had its own Architecture Dept.) to sell and develop land around the Humber Valley. Developed Kingsway Park.

Address: 0 Kingsway Neighbourhood
Type of Building: Neighbourhoods
Name of Building: Kingsway Neighbourhood
Notes: Part of the area (Humber Valley Surveys) developed by Robert Home Smith, c1912-1915.

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Journal of Garden History 1983 n/a 193++ 3 3
Kingsway Park: Triumph in Design 1994 n/a all
Toronto Star 2000 Dec. M10 Sat. 16th