Architectural Index for Ontario

Information on Architect: Garwood-Jones Van, Nostrand Hanson

Notes Garwood-Jones Van Nostrand Hanson Architects

Address: 2021 Lawrence Avenue East
Intersection: Warden Avenue
Type of Building: Housing
Name of Building: Scarbourough Citadel Housg

Design conceived c1993

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Canadian Architect 1993 Dec. 18-19 39 12

End of record
Address: 145 Queen Street East
Type of Building: Hostels
Name of Building: Fred Victor Mission
Notes: First building by E.J. Lennox opened in 1894. The second building was designed by Howard Tambling and opened in 1960. The third building opened in 1990 and was designed by Garwood-Jones and Van Nostrand.

Building completed 1982
Demolished ???

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
AZURE 1993 Jan./Fe 12
Edward James Lennox: "Builder of Toronto" 1995 n/a 38,49
Fred Victor Mission Story 1993 n/a all

End of record
Address: 0 St. George Street
Type of Building: City Blocks
Name of Building: St. George Street

Building completed 1996/97

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Annex Gleaner 2001 Nov. 22
Canadian Architect 1996 April 10-11 41 4
Canadian Architect 1998 April 30-31 43 4