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Information on Architect: Dolphin, Charles

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Address: 40 Bay Street
Type of Building: Post Offices
Name of Building: Postal Delivery Building
Notes: Designed by Charles Dolphin and Completed in 1941. In 1994/1995 the Raptors basketball team proposed to turn the building into a stadium (Brisbin Brook Beynon Architects). In February 1997, all but the south and east facades were demolished to make way for the Raptors' new AIR CANADA CENTRE, which will encorporate the bas-relief scultpures by Toronto artist Louis Temparale Sr., which depict the history of communication and transportation in Canada. SEE ALSO: Air Canada Centre under a Building Name search.

Building completed 1941
Altered 1997

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Explore Historic Toronto 1998 Winter 3 2 4
Toronto Star 1997 April A7 Sun. 20th
Toronto Star 1997 April A1,A7 Fri. 18th
Toronto Star 1995 Fe b. A3 9th
Toronto Star 1994 Dec. F1,F2 Fri. 29th
Toronto Star 1997 May E5 13th
Toronto Star 1995 Jan. J3 Sat. 28th
Toronto Star 1999 Feb. S1-S7 Fri. 19th
Toronto Star 2000 Aug. N9 Sat. 19th
Toronto, Carved in Stone 1984 n/a 48-50

End of record
Address: 2 Clarendon Avenue
Type of Building: Apartment Houses
Name of Building: Clarendon Apartment

Building completed 1927

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Toronto Star 2001 July M12 Sat. 28th

End of record
Address: 0 Yonge Street Subway Line
Type of Building: Subway Stations
Name of Building: Yonge Street Subway

Design conceived c1950

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Fashioned From Clay - Hardened by Fire 196? n/a unpgd
Toronto Calling 1950 Sept 40-41 1 6