Architectural Index for Ontario

Information on Building Name: St. James Cathedral no.4

Address: 65 Church Street
Type of Building: Churches
Name of Building: St. James Cathedral no.4
Notes: Present church is the FOURTH church (all names for St. James) to stand on the site. The first Church existed from 1807 to 1833. The second church (by Thomas Rogers) burnt down in 1839. The third St. James (designed by architect Thomas Young) burnt down on April 7, 1849. Plans for another church were made shortly thereafter. William Storm and Henry Langley designed the tower, spire and pinnacles that were added 1867-1874. Sir Casimir Gzowski designed the brick and sandstone wall with cast-iron ornament, lamps and entrance gates. Most of these were torn down in 1960.

Unknown significance 1849-1850
Competition 1849
Cornerstone laid 20 Nov 1850
Building completed 1853
Altered 1867-74spir

Architects: Cumberland & Ridout (firm)
Langley Henry
Sproatt & Rolph (firm)
Storm William
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