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Information on Building Name: St. James Condominiums (proposed)

Address: 0 Church Street
Type of Building: Condominiums
Name of Building: St. James Condominiums (proposed)
Notes: SEE ALSO: St. James Cathedral Parish House - the site of the proposed tower. As of November 2001, the Cathedral management seems to have backed away from the proposal.

Architects: Baird George
Clewes Peter
Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Eye Weekly 2001 Nov. 15 22nd
Globe & Mail 2001 Jan. A1+ Fri. 19th
Globe & Mail 2001 Jan. R1,R4 Wed. 31st
National Post 2001 Feb. A16 Mon. 5th
National Post 2001 Feb. N1+ Sat. 24th
Toronto Star 2001 Feb. B1,B5 8th
Toronto Star 2000 Aug. m2 Sat. 5th
Toronto Star 2000 June B2 Mon. B2
Toronto Star 2000 Nov. P1+ Sat. 4th
Toronto Sun 2001 Feb. B3 Mon. 19th