Architectural Index for Ontario

Information on Building Name: Pendarves

Address: 33 St. George Street
Type of Building: Owner-built houses
Name of Building: Pendarves
Notes: Originally the home of architect Frederick W. Cumberland. Remodelled in 1883 by his former partner, William G. Storm. Currently functions as the University of Toronto's International Student Centre.

Building completed 1857-1860
Altered 1883

Architects: Cumberland Frederic
Storm William
Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Fred Cumberland : Building the Victorian Dream 1997 n/a 192+
Ontario Association of Architects: 1890-1950 1950 n/a unpgd
Toronto Star 1978 Aug ? 12th
Toronto, 100 years of grandeur 1978 n/a 155+
William Thomas, Architect 1799-1860 1996 n/a 100