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Information on Building Name: Flavelle House

Address: 78 Queen's Park
Type of Building: Mansions
Name of Building: Flavelle House
Notes: Originally called "Holwood" the mansion was built by Joseph Flavelle, president of the William Davies Co., forerunner of Canada Packers. Now functions as the centre of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Law. Law library was added in 1961 by Hart Massey with William J. McBain.

Building completed 1901-1902
Altered 1961

Architects: Darling & Pearson (firm)
Designers: Hahn, Gustav
Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Beaux-arts Toronto 1973 n/a 7-8
Canadian Collector 1975 Nov/Dec 17-21 10 6
Mayfair 1949 Oct. 56-59 23