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Information on Building Name: Sherbourne Lanes

Address: 0 Sherbourne Street
Type of Building: Housing
Name of Building: Sherbourne Lanes
Notes: Also known as: Dundas Sherbourne infill housing. This project was the first housing development undertaken by the City of Toronto's Non-Profit Housing Corporation, and the first "infill" housing scheme to be contructed in Toronto. 376 housing units at 150 units per acre.

Design conceived 1973
Building completed 1976
Put into use 1977

Architects: Diamond A.J. Donald Schmitt
Myers Barton
Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Barton Myers 1994 n/a 138f
Canadian Architect 2001 June 8
Canadian Architect 1980 Nov. 42 25 11
Canadian Architect 1977 Nov. 41-45
Canadian Architect 2000 Jan. 32 45 1
Globe & Mail 1973 April ? 4th