Architectural Index for Ontario

Information on Building Name: Music Building

Address: 0 Exhibition Place
Type of Building: Exhibition Buildings
Name of Building: Music Building

Building completed 1908

Architects: Gouinlock George
Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Canadian Architect 1990 July 4 35 7
Globe & Mail 1987 Jan. D4 15th
Globe & Mail 1986 Nov. A19 27th
Globe & Mail 1989 Feb. A16 16th
Metropolitan Toronto Business Journal 1988 Nov. 20-25
Newsletter / Architectural Conservancy of Toronto 1986 April 4 n/a n/a
Toronto Star 1986 Oct. D2 Mon. 27th
Toronto Star 1987 Oct. A6 1st
Toronto Star 1987 Mar. B6 4th
Toronto Star 1986 Aug. D19 Fri. 8th
Toronto Star 1989 Feb. A6 16th
Toronto Star 1987 Aug. A6 26th
Toronto Star 1988 Feb. A6 19th
Toronto Star 1987 Aug. A6 19th
Toronto Star 1987 Jan. D13 Fri. 30th