Architectural Index for Ontario

Information on Building Name: Wymilwood

Address: 150 Charles Street West
Type of Building: Dormitories
Name of Building: Wymilwood Residence

Building completed 1951

Architects: Arthur Eric
Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Canada Century Home 2002 feb. 22-23 47 2
Journal of the Society for the Study 2001 n/a 33-42 26 1,2
Werk. 1955 April 120-4 42 4

End of record
Address: 84 Queen's Park
Type of Building: Houses
Name of Building: Wymilwood
Notes: Home initially named Wymilwood by its first owner, financier E.R. Wood. It was later given to Victoria College and functioned as a womens' residence. Later it became the first home of York University, and since 1972, it has been one of the buildings for the University of Toronto's faculty of law. In 1952, the University re-named it Falconer Hall after Sir Robert Alexander Falconer, university president from 1907 to 1932.

Building completed c1900s

Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Toronto Star 1976 Jan. ? 24th