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Information on Building Name: Canadian Airmens' Memorial

Address: 0 University Avenue
Type of Building: Memorials
Name of Building: Canadian Airmens' Memorial
Notes: Title of the work is actually "Per ardua ad astra". It was donated to the municipality of Metropolitan Toronto by Henry R. Jackman and the Jackman Foundation. Inscription says: "In memory of our Canadian airmen who fought in the skies to preserve freedom and order in this world".

Building completed 1984

Designers: Nemon, Oscar
Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Globe & Mail 2002 May A22 Tues 14th
Toronto Civic Sculpture 1985 n/a 89
Toronto Civic Sculpture 1994 n/a 52
Toronto Life 2002 April 104-5
Toronto Life 2002 April 104-5
Toronto Life 1994 May 45-48 28 7