Architectural Index for Ontario

Information on Building Name: Dundas Square

Address: 0 Dundas Street East
Type of Building: City Blocks
Name of Building: Dundas Square

Architects: Brown and Storey Archts. (firm)
Journal or book Year Month Page Vol. No.
Canadian Architect 1999 Dec. 28-29 44 12
Canadian Architect 1999 Jan. 7 44 1
Eye Weekly 1999 Jan. 6 14th
Globe & Mail 1998 Nov. A2 Thur 19th
Globe & Mail 2001 May A15 Mon 21st
Globe & Mail 1999 March ? 23rd
Globe & Mail 1998 Oct. A13 6th
Globe & Mail 1999 Jan. C17 Sat. 2nd
NOW 2001 Dec. 29 13th
National Post 1998 Dec.1 B2 2nd
National Post 2001 May A23 Tues 22nd
National Post 2001 Nov. A3 28th
Toronto Life 1999 Jan. 114 33
Toronto Star 2002 Mar. B3 Thur 28th
Toronto Star 2000 Jan. B2 25th
Toronto Star 2002 July B3 Mon 1st
Toronto Star 2000 Dec. C1 Wed. 20th
Toronto Star 2002 jan. B1 11th
Toronto Star 2001 Aug. B4 Thur 23rd
Toronto Star 1998 Dec. B1,B4 Wed. 2nd
Toronto Star 1998 Dec. B5 7th
Toronto Star 1998 Dec. F5,F7 Tues 1st
Toronto Star 1998 Aug. C1,C5 Wed 5th
Toronto Star 2002 Mar. C5 Mon 18th
Toronto Star 1998 Sept. M3 Sat. 12th
Toronto Star 1998 Dec. K3 Sat. 5th
Toronto Star 1998 Dec. L4 26th
Toronto Star 1999 June B1 7th